Friday, March 6, 2009

Flogging It

So, I've just been introduced to the term "Flog" or fake blog. The term is used to describe the situation when somebody from inside a company pretends to be a customer and comments on positively on company blogs and other public media.

Here is Wikipedia's definition of "flogging." The entry below quotes this example of flogging:

"One notorious example of identity cloaking, resulting in a fake blog, was exposed when Edelman, an international public relations firm, created a fake blog in 2006 called Walmarting Across America. It was purportedly written by two Wal-Mart "enthusiasts" who decided to journey across the United States in an RV, blogging about the experience as they visited Wal-Marts along the way. While two people actually did travel across the United States in an RV, the publicity stunt was revealed to be paid for by Wal-Mart, a client of Edelman."

Um, awkward.

Mama always said not to flog. Jennifer Bunker

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